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We provide services ranging from finance & accounting to consulting and training for varied companies and individuals. We are happy to serve.

Accounting & Bookkeeping Services

We specialize in providing Accounting and bookkeeping services to small business owners. In addition, we advise the self-employed on startup situations. We will advise you on structuring and tax planning considerations during the start-up or acquisition phase.

Our work is performed with due diligence and care. We will ensure that your business is provided with timely and relevant data to help you grow in the market.


Let us help you File your Taxes

We can help you file your CRA taxes irrespective of your past and current financial circumstances. We specialize in assisting with tough problems with the CRA.

Our Financial and Business Services

We focus on making your financial dream a reality. We spend time with individual clients and companies, both small and medium, to grow their businesses.

Annual Financial Statement

There are many stakeholders with a vested interest in your financial statements. We will help ensure the accuracy of your statements.

Notice to Reader Engagements

In a Notice to Reader, the financial statement is compiled from information provided by management or owner. We will act as Management Accountants.

Financial Management

Here, we assist you to formulate and formalize a business plan. We will prepare earnings and cash flow projections from your ideas.

Mortgage Analysis

In recent times, it is difficult to secure an affordable mortgage. We will meet with you to assess your finances to ensure you have the right mortgage resources.

Business Registration

Do you have an idea you want to start or a unregistered business you have been running for awhile. Let us help you enjoy the full benefit of your business.


Are you struggling to pay your employees? Not sure how to structure EI and Taxes for your employees? We will setup a plan suitable to you.

Finance Analytics

As a capital management firm, we will guide you through business growth and expansion models: identifying various opportunities and threats.

Software Consulting & Training

Our software consulting services help customers to provide a wide range of suitable software as per their business requirements and needs.

Tax Court Cases

We are licensed to represent you in Ontario’s tax court cases. We will assess your financial cases with the CRA and offer advise and representation.

Charity (Non-Profit) Tax Filing

Are you a church, association, or a non-profit? We can guide your outfit through complex tax filing and cost saving initiatives such as GST rebates


Do you need to make a corporate deal? We can negotiate on your behalf. Our Harvard trained expert will get you your best offer yet.

Venture Capital Financing

Do you have a business idea that needs investors or you need to scale? We can help you get your next level equity irrespective of funding round.

"I was financially stranded. After making some bad choices, the CRA was on my back. All that was legally solved after meeting the staff at Reality Capital Management."

– Anonymous

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